GroStudio Platform
Flexible development tools

GroStudio software development platform

The GroStudio application provides the ability to inspect recorded snapshots and annotate specific objects and features as a preliminary step for our machine-learning algorithms. The same environment can also be used to analyse recorded data using various tools such as the vegetation indices viewer, 3D data viewer and many other tools. 


In addition, the GroStudio provides a complete, Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for GroApps authoring with a built-in editor and GroApps packaging tool. The full GroSens SDK is available for the GroApp author for testing using advanced simulation tools and historical data.

  • Simulation – GroStudio can simulate the GroSens against historical snapshot images and confirm against ground truthed data sets
  • Open API’s – The complete API is open for researchers, agronomists and farmers to build their crop specific GroApps
  • Simple to deploy – GroApps can be deployed via GroStudio in the lab or in the field using the GroView mobile App
  • Multi-spectral viewing – View & analyse snapshot multi-spectral images within GroStudio – NDVI, SRE, SAVI, CVI and others

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