GroSens Technology

Making decision support technology available and affordable to every farmer

GroSens multi-spectral 3D machine vision sensor

The GroSens uses a patented active multi-spectral imaging technique, combined with 3D vision and a built-in Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning engine. It’s unique design is focussed on deliving a low cost, low power sensor that can continuously capture precise plant information over long periods of time.

  • Simple Installation – Comes with mounting bracket and solar panel to be mounted on existing post or star picket
  • One step configuration – Use the mobile app to install and schedule the specific GroApps designed for your plant type
  • All environments – GroSens is designed to work in all farm conditions (irrigation, pest control, rain, etc)
  • Low cost – Designed to be able to affordably place multiple sensors across the farm to ensure coverage is sufficient
  • Low maintenance – Once installed, can set and forget. Insights are sent to the cloud over IoT networks, 3G/4G or Wi-Fi
  • Ease of integration – Open API’s for ease of integration into smart farm systems or import data into modelling software

GroSens v1 detailed specifications​

Spectral Sensitivity 380nm – 980nm
Number of spectral bands 12 (active channels
Dimensions 272mm (width), 120mm (diameter)
Weight 2Kg
Battery 4.8V, 3000mAh
Built-in Solar charger 4V-20V
Stand-by time with no charging 30 days
Connectivity WiFi, Optional IoT modules (LoRA, 6LoWPAN, GSM)
Storage (Memory) Built-in FLASH, MicroSD
Temperature Range -10°C...50°C
Protection class IP66
Imaging capabilities RGB, NIR, Multi-Spectral
Vegetation indices support NDVI, NDR, SR, SRE, SAVI, CIG, GNDVI, User-Defined
Sensor resolution 1280 X 800
Field of view 40° X 25°
3D depth measurement 1m - 4m, ~1mm resolution
Built-in AI Convolutional Neural-Networks, various machine vision algorithms