Intelligent solutions for Precision Agriculture

Making decision support technology available and affordable to every farmer

Key Benefits

GroView has developed a multi-spectral 3D machine vision sensor that has been designed from the ground up to be low cost and simple to deploy. 


The GroSens is able to work with a variety of crop types and its purpose is to provide farmers with continuous insights that assist in yield predictions, farm automation or improving the information for better decision making. 


Using its patented method of active spectroscopy and 3D vision, it is able measure a range of plant indices, fruit counts and sizes, and other plant parameters with unparalleled accuracy at an affordable cost. It is designed to be an in-field sensor and can operate indefinitely using its in built solar charger. 


The GroSens supports an OPEN API architecture and it onboard using artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities can generate insights that are then send to the cloud via a variety of supported IoT networking protocols. 


These insights can then be used by yield prediction solutions or smart farm management systems to assist with farm automation and decision making.

Increase Yields

Save Operating Costs

Automate Farm Decision Making

GroView Insights

GrowthDetectionCreated with Sketch.

Growth stage detection

Detecting the various growth stages of the plant including bud burst, germination, flowering, etc.

KeyPlantParamsCreated with Sketch.

Key plant parameters

Measurements and counts, including fruit density, size and morphology.

MultispectralAnalysisCreated with Sketch.

Multi-spectral analysis

Used to assist in correlating key plant parameters.

Our products

GroSens v1

Solar powered GroSens multi-spectral 3D machine vision sensor for precision agriculture


Suite of software applications that analyse collected data and using open API’s allows developers to build, manage and make available GroApps for farmers.


Specific apps that can be installed on the GroSens to generate insights, which are then sent over IoT networks to assist in automating farm decision making.


Multi-spectral 3D Machine Vision sensor

The GroSens combines the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with its patented multi-spectral technology to deliver continuous insights to farmers.

Main Features

GroStudio Platform

GroStudio Development platform

Simple to use software development tools and open API available for developers to build crop specific modules to generate the insights that farmers and agronomists need.

Main Features